Cathal ,Dublin

Haven’t smoked a cigarette in a year now, don’t miss them don’t think of them and now consider myself a non smoker (not an ex smoker) Very easy, very pleasant and delighted to finally kick the habit.

Saved myself nearly 3k in the year. walked in a smoker, Came out of the clinic never wanting to smoke again. Thanks Barry

Fergal Kildare

‘…… For the last while I’ve spent some time attending counselling for some set-backs / issues in my life but having gone as far as I could with this, I’d always continued to feel that things just weren’t as they should be. I happened to come across Barry’s web-site and, with curiosity getting the better of me, I decided to make contact with him. I guess I was expecting to meet some unusual guy who would click his fingers, I’d sit there with no idea what was happening and I’d leave there under the illusion that I was ‘cured’.
Needless to say, that’s not what happened at all. I arrived at the clinic and was introduced to Barry. A sounder man you couldn’t meet. Sat down and chatted about his therapy and the successes he’d achieved with previous clients. Figured I had nothing to lose so I arranged to begin the therapy the following week. When we began the therapy, it was nothing like I had expected. His approach is simply to relax you and let your mind drift. Sounds easy but it was hard work to begin with. I couldn’t believe it when he found the one thing that had troubled me for all those years. It happened to be something that I would never have found without Barry’s help……… and the difference in my life……. well let’s just say that the effects have been brilliant. I’m far more relaxed in myself, my confidence has grown something great and I have become so positive in my thinking. Friends and family have noticed the difference without having told them about this life-changing experience. Unlike counselling, I know for certain that I have finally dealt with this issue and I am able to put everything behind me. It’s like a whole new lease of life. There are two things that I feel obliged to share with those who read this: (1) this guy, Barry, is as sound a man you’ll ever meet. You can chat away to him and he passes no opinion or judgement on what comes up in therapy (2) anyone who may have a few issues, concerns etc or even simply a little restless in yourself, give this man a call. It may seem strange and out of character for you to attend therapy of any sort, but it does work and nobody ever need find out that you attended. Personally, it’s the last place I thought I’d ever find myself. I can’t thank Barry enough for all his help and I am deeply grateful for his time and patience. I am not one for writing testimonials or the likes but on this occasion, I feel I must share my experience if only to highlight that there is help out there and it’s easier to improve your life than you think. Barry’s clinic is very discreet and like I said, nobody ever need know that you’re attending. This is a must for everybody………”

Caroline – Dublin

Hello Barry,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you and yay me 🙂 today is officially my 1 year anniversary as a non smoker! Thank you so much for helping me to do so, I never thought it possible! I feel fantastic and am ever so grateful

Kindest regards

Niamh – Armagh

Hi my name is niamh i am 21 years of age ive always being heavy never liked myself where it so i always would have binged eat and made me feel better for a while and then i would have felt really bad then and realised i need to stop this so i came across this HYPNO-BAND Weight loss system on the internet and i thought why not and its the best thing i have ever done i get fuller very quick dont feel hungry…

after meals i eat alot healthier i started to eat fruit when i get peckish and i have stopped binge eating when i felt down or if i was bored i just wanted to eat but that has all stopped for me this hypno band has made me realise that i can get the weight off and the amazing difference within the 4 weeks and i am goin to keep it up so for people that feel like me that nothin was workin this is definately worth doin and if it works for me then it does work for every body.

Tracey – Louth

Hi Barry,
I hope you are keeping well.
I am writing to you to thank you for helping me banish my public speaking phobia. I had my first big presentation last week at college and the result of it contributes to my overall degree result so as you can imagine i was very nervous and anxious when i found out i would have to do it.

In the weeks coming up to the presentation i was stressing and thinking would i be the same as i was in my previous presentations i.e. my heart would beat really fast and i would feel like i would faint and had no control.

However to my surprise, on the night before the presentation i practiced it in front of my family and i was fine, i felt strangely calm. And on the morning of the presentation i was nervous but nowhere near as bad as i would have been before. I felt in control and that i could do it, whereas before i would feel like i could not do it. I felt confident throughout the whole presentation and i did feel nervous which is normal but i could control the nerves. And by the middle of the presentation i even started to enjoy it which is a huge turnaround from how i would have felt previously!

I really cannot believe the difference your therapy has made, i cannot thank you enough. It has changed my life.

Not only have i became more confident in my public speaking i have also gained confidence when speaking in groups of people. Before this i would feel a little awkward when speaking in groups of people and would shy away from speaking up. Whereas now i feel so much more confident and happy in social situations. I feel happier and positive now.
I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who needs a little help to boost confidence. It was worth every penny. Again i cannot thank you enough Barry.

Many Thanks

Geraldine. Dublin

Hi Barry,
I just thought I’d send you a quick mail to let you know how things have been going. You know I was very sceptical about the whole process and how it could help me lose weight, I only called you because a friend of mine went to you to stop smoking and she hasn’t smoked since.

The whole process has been so easy…. As you said … It’s about understanding the behavioural patterns and how to change them, and I still even today am amazed how my portion sizes have dramatically decreased. I have lost 2.5 stone since January and it’s been easy… I’ll drop into you to show myself off when the next 3 is off me too. Thank you do much for your support and insight.

Stephanie Dublin

“I had been suffering from a personal problem for quite some time and I knew I had to get it sorted before it affected my life anymore. I came across Barry’s website by chance and decided to go for a consultation.

I was a little skeptical at first as to how it was going to help me, but after a few sessions I started to notice a huge change in my moods. Barry helped me tackle my problems head on and for that I will always be grateful. I now feel wonderful and am ready to enjoy my life to the fullest.”

Claire Dublin

I have suffered from a fear of sickness since I was 6 years old. It has ruled my life from such a young age that I never believed there was anything I could do to change it. As a child my life revolved around having panic attacks and avoiding any situation where there was any chance that somebody was going to get sick, for me to get sick it was literally the end of the world and devastating to me.

As an adult absolutely nothing had changed except it became more limiting and more embarrassing and the panic attacks affected every aspect of my life. People always told me that it was all in my head and that there was ‘nothing to fear but fear itself’ and I always just believed that I must just be mad and I’ve driven myself mad with thoughts of sickness and being sick and anybody else being sick and having panic attacks for nearly 20 years. The last time I was physically sick myself was devastating and my panic attack lasted for hours, afterwards I just felt that I couldn’t go on like this anymore, how was I going to move on with my life and have children one day if I was trying to deal with this. I Googled ‘fear of sickness’ out of curiosity and couldn’t believe that there was other people out there with the same problem and that there was actually help for this! I came across Barry’s website and decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose and went for a free consultation. Barry was so down to earth and easy to chat to that I felt confident enough to agree to work with him, he was also confident that he could help me. I was a bit weary of being hypnotized as I was afraid I would be out of control of my body but that is not the case, it’s more just a sense of awareness and I found myself doing all the talking to my surprise. It took me around 10 sessions before I realised what was bothering me and I couldn’t believe that it was so simple really. Barry was fantastic through it all and never once pushed me or tried to hurry things along, everything came from me and I am doing a lot better now. My life is starting to change for the better and I can finally put this behind me and move on thanks to Barry so my advice is if you have any issues or phobias etc. go to see Barry because he can help you! Don’t live with your problem for 20 years like me.


Hi Barry, Its been a year since I had my hypnotherapy sessions with you and I just wanted to thank you for your help. Having suffered from night terrors, sleep walking and talking for as long as I can remember I can say that apart from the very odd occasion, I’m sleeping like a log.

Thank you for giving me a place to let go and get to the root of the problems that have blighted my sleep for so many years. I also feel that it has had a positive affect on my daily life in that I am more confident and find stressful situation more easy to deal with. I have recommended you to anyone who needs this kind of help and hope they gain from the experience as I did. I couldn’t find a place on your site where I could post a testimonial, so feel free to use this if you wish.

Damien Louth

Having failed at the majority of highly publicised weight loss programmes, I had almost given up. I had almost resigned myself to becoming overweight and unhealthy. I had been “yo yo dieting” for some time and each time I had lost any weight I had always put more weight on than I had originally lost.

Personally I was constantly feeling unwell, becoming short of breath while walking upstairs. My increasing weight was affecting my ability to work comfortably and it was also affecting my self esteem. My friends and work colleagues were noticing my increasing weight and weren’t shy about telling me I was putting on more weight. I was trapped, I couldn’t see how I could lose this weight having failed so many times in the past and yet my whole esteem seemed to be rooted in my need to be thinner. I was watching a television programme about hypnosis and how it could be used to make you thin and I began to think seriously about this. Previously, I have to admit I would have been very cynical about hypnosis. But I just thought ‘What can I lose?’ I searched the Internet for a Hypnotist locally and I discovered Barry Kieran. I sent an e-mail query and Barry replied very quickly and invited me to a free consultation. On meeting Barry I was very comfortable with his relaxed, reassuring personality and professionalism. We discussed my goals and Barry created a script for my session. I was amazed that there were no gimmicks, swinging watches, ticking clocks or any of the Hollywood techniques for hypnosis. The session was amazing and so relaxing. I was completely comfortable with his technique and what was more important to me, I was completely in control throughout the whole procedure… but will it work? I was a self confessed chocoholic. I would have bought take away foods before cooking for myself and the very thought of eating healthily was abhorrent to me as I just didn’t like the taste of vegetables and ate very little fruit. This all changed following my very first session with Barry. The instant I stepped outside I began to crave healthy food, not only craved it but really enjoyed eating it. I started back at the gym, exercising regularly and looking forward to my next session and thoroughly enjoying how I was feeling following each and every workout. It is the first time in my life I can see what my life is going to be like as a healthy person. This is also the first time in so many years my weight has consistently dropped at a healthy rate and stayed off, I have more energy than I have had in years and the compliments to my changing physique are overwhelming. I have the energy to give to anything I want. Barry Kieran was the best decision have ever made not only for weight loss but also for my self esteem. I could never have imagined weight loss could be so easy and so enjoyable.

Frances B Blackrock

I had been a smoker for 40 years, I had tried many times before to quit and failed…. Barry was recommended by a friend of the family and although I was very sceptical, my children urged me to go out of concern for my health. After the session I knew I would never smoke again…I am a non-smoker…I feel more calm and confident in myself and I look and feel 10 years younger

Sara Dublin

Thanks a million and thanks again for everthing, all is good!

Louise Dublin

ust wanted to say a big thank you, I have not smoked now since the 14th, and I am now expecting my second baby in Jan which is great as I have not smoked at all in this pregnancy. Thanks a million, long may it continue, I will pass your name on to anyone that I know who smokes but wants to quit.

Geraldine K. Dundalk

Still not smoking, it’s hard to believe after all these years…



I was diagnosed wit fibromyalgia one year ago. I was in a lot of pain and taking a lot of medication. I was then sent to a self help course to teach me how to live with Fibromyalgia. It was the most depressing place I had ever been, 2 hours listening to people moan and groan about their aches and pains and this was supposed to make me feel better! I then tried acupuncture, herbs, reiki you name it I tried it and then I found Barry and the thrive programme. He told me if I put the hard work into the course I would be amazed with the results. His attitude was who on earth wants to learn to live with fibromyalgia?! With Barry and the thrive programme I learned so much about myself and my beliefs and how much I had let bad thinking affect everything I did and felt. I used to spend my days obsessing about how much pain I was in and now I don’t even take medication anymore. My friends and family see Barry as a magic man who cured me but Barry is actually an amazing
therapist who helped me to cure myself.Thanks Barry

Thanks again for everything

Hi Barry,

…In a word everything is great. So many good things have been happening lately and I’ve never been as happy. I’ll let you in on a few things…… now lasting ages in bed, still seeing the girl i was with at christmas, The sex life is great, I’m moving in to a class new apartment, the course is going well and I’m looking into new job opportunities aswell!

I’ve found my outlook has completely changed and when things get tough at times I’m so much better able to deal with it.

I’ve learned a lot about what i initially consulted with. The DREAM technique helped a lot but there was a little bit of physical work to do as well in that I had to learn to understand what my body was doing, get used to the sensations i was feeling, all while staying calm and cool.

Thanks again for everything


The purpose of the programme is to help you “Thrive”. It does exactly that”.

“I started the Thrive programme to help me with a particular problem which had troubled me for a number of years. I had been to see my GP and a Medical Consultant but I didn’t want to take prescription medication which would only treat the medical symptoms as I felt the cause of my condition was psychological.

I consulted the Thrive website and found Barry Kieran the Thrive Therapist working in my area. After an initial consultation with Barry I realised that many men over 50 years of age with the same condition could be treated successfully through the Thrive programme. I could have just bought the Thrive workbook and worked my way through it on my own but because I wanted to give myself the best opportunity for success I decided to ask Barry to help me with it. I attended six therapy sessions with Barry.

The Thrive programme has changed my life for the better in ways I didn’t expect. Most of all it has given me the ability to get to know myself and from that to manage my thinking and make positive changes in my behaviour and lifestyle.

The particular problem I had has been successfully treated thanks to Barry and the Thrive programme.

I can recommend this programme to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

The purpose of the programme is to help you “Thrive”. It does exactly that”.


“Absolutely Fabulous!”

“Down to earth and easy to read, reading this book has made life so simple.

Since reading this book I have gone on to make many improvements and achievements, all of which I thought impossible before. Well worth taking the time to read and apply the knowledge contained in this book.”

Sarah b

“Changing Limited Beliefs”

“This book helped me a great deal to overcome sleeping problems and to solve other issues after having a baby. I really like the style of the book and the way it is written and highly recommend it.”


“A must read for all!”

“As a psycholgy graduate I have spent 3 years reading tedious scientific journals to understand people, however I have learnt so much more about how people think, their thought processes and motivation in this single book. I can honesly say I have never read a book so interesting and honest, Rob Kelly gives an insight into who we are with an accuracy that is almost spooky! Most impressively of all, the way it has been written is unique, it is unpretentious and accessible to all. Anyone can read this book, and I mean anyone, the writting style makes sure that is not overwhelming or patronising! So it doesn’t matter if consider yourself a bookworm or your other books are currently door stops, everyone is included on this journey.I would definitely recommend it to everyone!”


“Does what it says on the tin!”

“I followed this workbook and found it really challenged me to stop and think about the way I think. There will be many out there who believe their lives are too complicated, too hard, too difficult right now to change. It’s just not true. I recommend at least trying this book because I’m a happier person for it – high praise indeed from someone who really can’t bare all that psychobabble and self-help patronising twaddle that’s out there!! Caveat: Rob Kelly says it how he thinks it is…which, if you’re averse to some coarse language you might find a touch offensive. But it’s written in a straightforward, honest style and besides, if you really have mastered the book, then you’re not going to get too stressed about his opinions, are you? Read it and smile. You could find a whole new way of living your life with you in the control seat for once. I did.”

Helen Hoffmann “H Hoffmann”

“Life changing”

“A concise and no-nonsense approach which explains human psychology in the clearest term. Rob and this book lifted me out of depression and the vicious cycle of low self-esteem, destructive thinking and abusive relationships. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to have a better understanding and relationship with themselves and the world around them.”


“5***** all the way”

“I have trained in Changing Limiting Beliefs with Rob Kelly and I teach my own trainees in the course for which this workbook is designed and written. I can teach people without the workbook but their resultant knowledge is nowhere near as deep and effective if I do. 90% of the work we do as trainers is helping people to gain proper self-insight and understanding and this book explains everything they need to know about themselves, the way their mind works, their current pitfalls, how to pinpoint their specific problems and then, ultimately, how to make the necessary changes to achieve the life they really want. Also, the trainees keep the book and can refer back to it whenever they need to as an invaluable reference. I can’t praise it enough. Keep up the good work Rob and I can’t wait for the new children’s edition.”

B Page

“Changing YOUR limited beliefs will be the best thing you ever do”

“If you are reading this, someone has probably recommended changing limited beliefs to you. Don’t think about it,ponder about it, talk about it, just buy it now and read it, it will change your life. In january 2011, I was diagnosed with depression, 2 months later and im off anti-depressants and high as a kite on life! If you have depression youself, you probably won’t believe me but it really is the wonderful truth.

Rob Kelly writes well, in easy to understand English. He takes you through a journey of understanding yourself(and others around you!) to curing yourself of your debilitating illness (your limited beliefs).

I read this book alongside therapy in changing limited beliefs, which I would highly recommend. My therapist is called Rita Smith and she is based in Epping, London. She is a fantastic therapist, thought I’d share that too!

I can’t rate this book high enough. Go and read it, have a wonderful life and share it with your friends.”


“Real World Tool”

“I use this manual many times a week with my clients and I can safely say that it does “what it says on the tin”. 100% recommended for both lay folk as well as professionally qualified therapists.”

Wolverhampton Therapist Paul Lee

life changing book!”

“I bought this book a few months ago as it was recommended by a friend. I felt very low at the time and completely lost as to how to work out the direction that my life would take me. I felt i had not control about any decisions and felt so powerless. I started going through this book a little at a time. I bought some different coloured high lighters and went through it bit by bit underlining and highlighting all the parts that were ME! i thought the book was written especially for me and couldnt beleive it. It made such sense of the way i was feeling but most of all WHY i was feeling the way I did. The most startling part of it was the fact that it was my thinking that was causing the problem and when i finally got that – I knew that I was the one who could change it. That insight was pretty fantastic. It nmeant i could have a life free from anti depressants, sorrow and poor choices. It really is quite unbelievable and very easy to read. Obviously there were some parts that were beyond me (limited education) but not as much as i alwasy thought. I understood it the more i read it. I will be telling as many people as i can to buy the book – even if it gives you some understanding as to how your mind ticks.

I think that the schools should be bringing this to the young children and educating them at an early age how there thinking affects their emotions and actions. It is quite staggering!!!”


Rob Rocks %Anxiety Treatment Dublin%Leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic

“I have read many self help books in the past, all claiming to ‘change your life’ and all of them with exercises dedicated to this goal. These techniques only ever seemed to last a few weeks with me, and then I would either forget or believe it wasn’t working so stop.

However, Rob’s book is completely different to any book I’ve ever read. For a start, I completely understand it! He writes in a way which makes you feel at ease when you’re reading it. The language and descriptions of what could be complicated techniques and theories are made interesting and up to date, making this book perfect for anyone and everyone.

It is not your typical self help book, this book goes further than any other, and Rob actually explains why, before he does the ‘self help’ bit. It is so interesting to learn about why and how people become stuck thinking in a certain way, and how we really do have a choice whether we want to lead happy lives or not.

I have so many dreams, goals and ambitions that I used to think could maybe happen, but deep down I never really believed it. But now, I truly feel that the sky’s the limit….and even further than that!

Rob’s teachings have made such a difference to my life, and I cannot thank him enough.”



“This book is totally different to any other ‘self help’ book or ‘life changing’ book you may have come across in the past. It is looking at things in a totally different way. This book will help with anything from feeling depressed or just not sleeping. Take it in stages as it is a lot to take in and really read it. I read some parts twice just so they had really sunk in. Rob’s humour and understanding mean its enjoyable and makes you realise that you Can and Deserve to feel better.

For over 10 years I was on various tablets, seen various doctors, councilers etc diognosed with everything from anxiety to depression to finally bi polar then back to just ‘on and off’ depression-what ever that was ment to mean! I was at the end of my tether and now after working with Rob personally and reading the book I can say for the first time in over 10 years I am well on the way to happyness and contentment.

Even if this book was £100 I would buy it!”


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