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How does Hypnotherapy Work?
Hypnosis has always enjoyed something of a dual reputation amongst the population. To some, it’s akin to a magic trick, wheeled out to entertain and delight the masses. To others, it’s a vital technique that can be used to help stop smoking, ease chronic pain, lose weight or relieve anxiety.
That latter purpose is what we call clinical hypnotherapy, and in millions of patients around the world, it’s shown incredible results. If you’re considering it for yourself, a friend or a member of your family though, you’ve likely got a few questions. Typically, the most common question we’re asked is how hypnotherapy works. In this short guide, we’re going to share with you how hypnotherapy can change your life.
How does hypnotherapy actually work would you like to stop smoking Dublin !
Scientists are divided on exactly how hypnotherapy actually works, but the general consensus seems to be that hypnosis works by altering our state of consciousness in a way which allows the left-hand side of the brain to shut off. The left hand side of the brain is, generally, responsible for analytical purposes, leaving the unconscious ‘feeling’ part of the brain turned on.
By speaking directly to this subconscious part of the brain, a hypnotherapist can aim to re-programme patterns of behaviour from within the mind, enabling you to overcome addictions, irrational fears and other undesirable behaviours.
Studies have shown that when in the relaxed, trance-like state of hypnosis the body reacts by slowing breathing, dropping your pulse rate and lowing your metabolic rate. Similar changes can be observed along nerve pathways and hormonal channels, reducing pain and alleviating feelings of nausea.
What issues can be treat with hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy be can used to help treat a huge range of psychological, emotional and physical disorders. Hypnotherapy has been used to treat disorders and issues as wide as post-natal depression, obesity, post-surgery pain and eating disorders. However, one of the most popular treatments is stopping smoking.
Smoking is, unequivocally, a terrible thing for the mind and body – and yet each of us struggles to remove ourselves from its vice-like grip. Indeed, if you want to stop smoking Dublin, your choices are typically between quitting cold turkey or slowly reducing the amount of nicotine that you intake.
That’s why so many choose to visit a hypnotherapist. It’s a non-invasive, entirely natural way to rid yourself of the desire to smoke, and it’s already helped millions.