Discover How You May Overcome Anxieties, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Sexual Problems, Boost Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Personal Performance, recover from ME/PVFS with the THRIVE PROGRAMME.

What is the Thrive Programme?

It is a new, ground-breaking and innovative training programme, which empowers people with the skills, resources and self-insight necessary to Take Control of Their Lives and Thrive. Regardless of your age, where you happen to live, your background or your upbringing, you can now choose how to live your life.
How was it developed?

Rob Kelly has spent a lifetime analysing what makes people ‘tick’. His experiences and research have led to a high level of understanding of peoples problems, symptoms and anxieties. He has identified links between our belief systems, our different styles of thinking, and the way we respond emotionally to events, and how these responses create many of the problems and symptoms that people want and need help with.

How does it work?

The Thrive Programme is a six-part training programme, that you do face to face with one of our Thrive Consultants. Everything in the programme is fully backed up by clinical experience!! This programme has been in development for the last 20 years, and is a product of thousands of successfully-treated phobic and depressive clients, nearly seven thousand smokers cured of their ‘addiction’, and thousands of hours spent training in many different therapeutic and psychological techniques.
During the development of this process, we have helped thousands of people to completely change the way they THINK and FEEL about themselves and to alter their internal belief systems to ones of: Health, Happiness and Success.

At my hypnotherapy practice in Dublin and Drogheda, I offer two different types of hypnotherapy for various symptoms and conditions. Your options can be discussed at a free initial consultation, and sometimes the therapies can be combined. The two types of hypnotherapy are known as Suggestion Therapy (also known as clinical hypnosis) and Analytical Hypnotherapy (also known as hypnoanlysis, or ‘Pure’ hypnoanalysis as it is called in our association).

Suggestion Therapy (clinical hypnosis)

Suggestion therapy is a wonderfully quick and powerful type of therapy using the state of hypnosis. In suggestion therapy the client is induced into a relaxing hypnotic state and given positive hypnotic suggestions specifically tailored to reframe and change a persons behaviour the symptoms you are wanting help with. Suggestion therapy is particularily successful for so-called minor symptoms such as smoking cessation, pre-test nerves, nail-bitting and assistance with pain control especially in relaxed childbirth therapy.

Pure Hypnoanalysis (analytical hypnotherapy)

Pure Hypnoanalysis is probably the single most Effective form of therapy available in the world today, for the resolution of anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, eating disorders and other psychological and emotional problems/symptoms.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is a highly developed form of hypnoanalysis (sometimes called hypno-analysis or analytical hypnotherapy) Hypnoanalysis, in its various forms, is practised all over the world, though only IAPH Members are trained to practice the amazing ‘Pure’ version.

Emotions and your mental health

Simply put, each person’s anxiety or conflict with it’s associated symptoms is the result of pent up and bottled up emotions buried deep within that persons mind. Emotions that haven’t been dealt with and continue to churn and grate at one’s physce eventually creating an organic dysfunction in a biomedical system. These emotions and conflicts have quiet literally been buried in the back of our minds since our childhood and forming years. Because they have been hidden away we are unable to deal with them and ‘get over them’ as we have been designed to do. It is said ‘ time is a healer’, this is not necessariy true, it is actually the release of emotion over time that allows us to move on. If you are no longer consciously aware of the conflict how can you release or get over it? You can’t, it will continue to simer away under the surface presenting itself in anxiety disorders, phobias and all the symptoms outlined. So the most natural and gentle therapeutic way to resolve these problems is to go back to that time time, recall the emotion and simply let it go.

My experience and training tells me this…that Pure Hypnoanalysis, as practised by IAPH members, is in all liklihood faster, more effective, more liberating and more empowering, than any other therapy available today!

How hypnoanalysis works

This type of hypnotherapy in which IAPH practitioners specialise involves the use of the relaxing hypnotic state for comfort and relaxation and then using the remainding session time to link experiences together (by talking about them, sometimes called free association) to eventually resolve/get rid of these internal emotions that are causing the problem or symptom.

Your safe place to let go

In essence, the success of Pure Hypnoanalysis is brought about by creating a safe environment and a relationship of trust and confidentiality where the natural therapeutic process can work, ALLOWING the client to slowly bring all the bottled up emotions to the surface. Hypnoanalysis isn’t just ‘counselling’ or traditional psychotherapy (which takes years and thousands of hours). Hypnoanalysis isn’t talking through ‘any-old stuff’…every symptom caused by psychosomatic or psychological forces must have an originating cause and all we do is create a safe, caring, trusting, confidential relationship and slowly and gently help you to release those ‘bottled up’ emotions so that you can go on to lead a much happier and more relaxed life. Pure hypnoanalysis does not rely on insight or intellect or what the therapist considers important or significant we do not use ‘fishing techniques’, regression techniques or any other ‘invasive’ techniques. It is not something that is talked through, or smoothed over or giving up’s one’s belief to something external .

It simply facilitates a natural therapeutic process for the client allowing bottled up emotions come to the surface and ultimately resolve the real underlying cause of symptoms.

Hypnoanalysis involves a weekly session of about 50 minutes, and the course of therapy usually lasts somewhere between 6-10 sessions.

It is time to totally resolve these issues and transform your life.

I am so confident about the speed and effectivness of Pure Hypnoanalysis that I will never charge more than 12 sessions.

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