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Hypnosis to stop smoking in Dublin at the leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in Dublin.


In 2010 a Paper, ‘The craving to stop smoking in flight attendants: Relations with Smoking Deprivation, Anticipation of smoking, and Actual Smoking’ was published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology Vol. 119, No 1, 248 -253.  This paper contained the results of a study the authors had undertaken to examine the effects of smoking deprivation, the anticipation of smoking and the actual action of smoking on the craving to smoke. The way the study was conducted was to have flight attendants rate their craving to smoke at predetermined time points in different flight schedules. Light to heavy smokers rated their cravings at time points during a two-way short flight with each leg being three to five, five and a half hours long and a one way long haul flight in the region of eight to thirteen hours long.

The study found that craving levels as such at the end of the first leg of the short hop legs were the same and equal to those at the end of the long-haul flights and the cravings in the short hop flights was much higher than those at the parallel time points in the longer fights. In the short flight, the craving levels at the beginning of the second leg dropped relative to the end of the first leg. For both the participating flight attendants who had smoked during the flight break time and for those who did not,  it was discovered though that the craving levels dropped steeper for those who did not smoke during that intermission time. The results from this study add further evidence for the role of psychological factors in determining the craving to smoke in a naturalistic setting.

Successfully stop smoking in Dublin at the Leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic

Over the last 25 years’ extensive research has been conducted into understanding the nature and drive to smoke and the factors that determine it. The well labelled ‘Craving’, has been described as ‘the most fundamental and difficult problem for smokers who are trying to quit’ (Russel 1988 p. 68) The Craving to smoke has been listed as a symptom of nicotine withdrawal in many publications and most commercial and popular publications still to this day conceptualize the ‘craving’ and a withdrawal symptom. However, the view of craving as a withdrawal symptom is far too narrow, and over this series of blog posts we will explore and compare the series of findings and build a far clearer less conceptualized picture of smoking, cravings, addiction and with due understanding knowledge and application we can begin to overcome this deadly hurdle.  At the Leinster Hypnotherapy clinic, we deal very successfully with clients who wish to stop smoking, we can apply hypnosis to stop smoking in our Dublin clinic and offer as much relevant information as will be demonstrated in these series of blogs.