Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, anyone who is compusmentus, and not under the influence of drugs or alcholoh And wishes to be hypnotized can in fact be hypnotised. It can also be a learned trait, You can teach your body and mind to go into trance, and get better and better at it as you practice your self hypnosis.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Actually a lot of people don’t think they have been hypnotized after a session. What they do notice is that some things have changed – maybe that day, maybe the next week. Sometimes the effects are subtle and sometimes profound.

Can a person be made to do something against their will?

No, and as a professional hypnotherapist bound by a code of practice and ethics you can be assured of complete care.

Am I awake and aware of what is happening?

Yes just very deeply relaxed.

Are you qualified and governed by a professional association?

Yes, I am a full practising member of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts. You can view their website atwww.successfulhypnotherapy.com.

Do you treat children?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is suitable for both children and adults.

Do you offer a free consultation?


Is my therapy confidential?

Yes. Our work is governed by a strict code of ethics and conduct which assures you of professional, confidential and expert hypnosis treatment.

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