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Hypnotherapy in Dublin, Drogheda and Dundalk at the Leinster Hypnotherapy Clinic and run by professionally qualified hypnotherapist and licenced Thrive Consultant Barry Kieran .


As a clinical hypnotherapist qualifying with the IAPH and also a Licenced Consultant for the Thrive programme I am personally and professionally dedicated to offering my clients the highest standards of care and treatment for their problems. Offering what I believe to be the most effect and empowering life changing therapy…At my clinics we are working towards life long and lasting change.. Not temporary respite from an issue.


Over the years at my  clinics in Dublin, Drogheda and Dundalk  I have helped 100’s of people resolve and extensive range of anxiety related issues and symptoms like Panic Attacks, Fears, Phobias, Depression, Sexual Problems etc… allowing them to take control, achieve peace of mind and a restored quality to their lives. I also specialise in treatment to Stop smoking Dublin with a proven 92.5% success rate and various approaches to weigh loss including the Hypno Band weight loss system.





Thrive – verb – to grow or develop vigorously, to be successful, to flourish.

This programme has been in development for the last 20 years, and is a product of thousands of successfully-treated phobic and depressive clients, nearly seven thousand smokers cured of their ‘addiction’, and thousands of hours spent training in many different therapeutic and psychological techniques.

During the development of this process, we have helped thousands of people to completely change the way they THINK and FEEL about themselves and to alter their internal belief systems to ones of: Health, Happiness and Success. Specifically we have helped people to: overcome their depression, quit smoking, recover from ME/PVFS, resolve a phobia or fear, learn to fly, become a millionaire, get over PTSD, feel more confident, pass tests, find a loving relationship, be happy.. and much much more. There are, in fact hundreds of symptoms/problems/conditions that this technique will successfully work with.

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“Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. To achieve lasting lifelong relief from your problems I want to offer a proven predicable approach… that has scientifically backed research… Which means that it has been proven to probably be more effective than any traditional hypnotherapy or other therapies that you may have already tried that gave you little or no lasting relief in return. This approach is the Thrive programme for which I’m a licenced consultant. We want everyone who comes through the Thrive programme to not only resolve their problems… but to achieve an indept understanding and awareness of themselves and use their developed skills and resources to Thrive in all aspects of their life. I appreciate that times are hard at the moment… so money spent should be money well spent… you’ll be delighted to know that the Thrive programme only takes on average of 6 sessions…. If you chose to come and see me it is most likely that your symptoms will be permanently resolved in just a few sessions. So for a FREE and completely confidential consultation send me an email or give me a call.”
Barry Kieran


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, fast and effective treatment particularly for stress or anxiety-related issues. I use hypnotherapy and hypnosis to assist clients to make immediate short term changes to behavioural patterns or perhaps someone in need of an immediate solution to fear of flying when flying the next day or dreading speaking in public at the weekend… Hypnosis is also a component part to the smoking cessation and weightloss methods I practice… Hypnosis also came out as the most effective method of stopping smoking in a large US scientific study that compared all other methods of stopping smoking.

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